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Somebody need to go get your boi Lil Boosie…..dude is wild’n out. (Allegedly) Last night, Boosie’s baby’s moms, Rochelle Wagner, went on IG live and put Boosie on FULL BLAST!  She played a voicemail that she claimed to be Boosie where he said he was taking their daughter Tori out of the will, threatened to blacken her eye and alluded to the fact that he killed his daughter’s uncle and will kill her mother next: (WARNING! The clips below contain foul language)


If this is Boosie on the VM as his BM alleges, he repeatedly says he will “put a bag” on his babys moms. That’s slang for hiring a hitman.

You remember back in 2012 after just an hour of deliberation, the jury in the first-degree murder trail of Boosie, real name Torrance Hatch returned a unanimous not-guilty verdict this afternoon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s 19th Judicial District Courthouse. The 29-year old rapper had been accused of paying $2,800 to Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding to kill Terry Boyd on October 20th, 2009. “The state put on its best case, but all the evidence supported the defense – right down to the very last witness, Rochelle Wagner, the sister of Terry Boyd and the mother of [Hatch’s] child,” said one of Hatch’s defense attorney’s, Martin Regan. “She took the stand and said what everyone else reiterated: there was never any beef between [Hatch] and Terry Boyd.”


Boosie’s BM had more to say: (WARNING! The clip below contain foul language)


BM is spilling a ton of ☕️…… ALOT of accusations here. They say Hell has no fury like a woman scorned and  Boosie always portrays himself as a great father. I don’t know who’s zooming who in this super messy situation but this Boosie’s response to her accuastions: (WARNING! The clip below contains foul language)

OMG….this a a fucgly one right here!

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