Clearly some people don’t appreciate when they have been blessed. I’m talking about “Big Bank” Compton California rapper YG who is facing a felony robbery charge for allegedly snatching a dude’s chain off his neck and taking off with the diamond-laced pendant.

Really Ninja??? Millions AND Millions of people on this planet trying to be rapper signed to a major label, be rich and famous and GOD blessed YOU and you out here snatching chains? And they got it all on tape!!! Mannnn Throw this WHOLE Ninja away!

YES! they got the entire thing on video! The video footage that shows YG yanking the gold chain off of a man, dropping it and then picking it up before he took off. According to sources the value of the jewelry is somewhere between $3K and $9K. Young Gangsta was present in a Las Vegas courtroom yesterday to address the situation after a warrant was put out for his arrest where he was released after posting $20k bail.

And here’s the icing, The guy who YG robbed is also suing the rapper for $250K. The victim claims that YG not only robbed him, but he ordered his goons to beat him up…..and yes that’s on video too. I really hope he is as BIG BANK as he claims because it looks like he’s going to have to write a BIG CHECK to get out of this one!  I hope he learns from this and changes himself for the better. Check out his joint “Big Bank” below. WARNING: the video contains foul language:

If you soooooo “Big Bank” my dude WHY is you out here snatching chains???? SMH……