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Build-A-Bear ‘Pay-Your-Age-Day’ promotion went better than they thought. Maybe, too good. The promo idea of customers paying for a Build-A-Bear at the price of the age of the child you had with you was brought to an end by 12pm. The stores had closed their lines to customers in the reaction of the overwhelmingly large crowd.

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As a mother that didn’t get to take her 13 year old, I had to find the alternative. So, I found out if you log into your “Bonus Club” account on before July 31st, you get a voucher of $15 off to use before August 31st. Don’t say I never helped you!

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I’m not sure who had this promo idea, but why didn’t they this parents who have bought those bears at full price , wouldn’t take advantage of such a great deal, during the summer? Great idea , but needed a better execution Build-A-Bear.

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