Producer Rob Taylor, who’s hip-hop superstars Migos main producer and who has worked with Yo Gotti,  Rich Homie Quan and many more, will likely need to start rolling with security after a video surfaced of him catching a fade aka a beatdown.

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According to gossip website MediaTakeOut, An unknown rapper, (but I guarantee not for long) was filmed beating a crying Taylor paid $2K for a beat. Instead of giving the beat to the rapper as promised, Taylor allegedly sold the beat to another artist. In the video, the furious rapper confronts Taylor in an apartment parking lot near Atlanta and grabs him by the hair and punches him in the face. Taylor begs for his life and tells him to take the money in his pockets and that he will go to an ATM to get more.

And dude was not looking for explanations either , he wanted blood…..and his two stacks back. Watch the Migos producer BEG for his life as he was being BEAT!

The video of the altercation can be seen below. WARNING: The following clip has violent imagery and language that may be disturbing to some:

This is the beginning:

It didn’t take long for the situation to get heated and Taylor proceeded to catch them paws within a flurry of haymakers and stomps. After the impromptu ass-kicking, the rapper went into Taylor’s pockets and recovered “only $800-$900,” that had to suffice for the time being.

“And that nigga know where you stay at,” the fuming rapper shouted in one last threat as the video cut off: WARNING: again the clip has violent imagery and language that may be disturbing to some:



While Taylor has yet to publicly respond to the assault, he did delete his @robtaylorbeats Instagram page shortly after the video went viral.  SMH….. now this is what you call “Jackin For Beats!” Hopefully, Rob Taylor isn’t badly injured. I’ll update you on his condition as it becomes clear.