Chris Brown is currently on his “Heartbreak On A Full Moon” tour. Things were going great for the 29 year old singer, dancer untill last night in Florida where cops arrested him after his show.

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Brown had a show at the Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach Thursday where several officers were waiting back stage, and when Chris took his final bow and walked off stage, he was arrested. Check out his mugshot:

Chris Brown mugshot

Source: Tampa PD / Tampa PD

Man……Chris looks PISSED! Law enforcement sources stated Brown was arrested for an outstanding warrant out of a nearby county. BUT he’s already out of jail after posting a $2,000.00 dollar bail.

The arrest was on a charge of felony battery stemming from an April 2017 incident in Tampa. He is accused of punching a photographer, Bennie Vines, at an event there at Club Aja, according to the police.

Vines, a Tampa-based photographer, was hired by the nightclub to take photos at an event in April 2017. He told the police he was sitting near Mr. Brown, when Mr. Brown motioned to him to move away, according to a statement from the Tampa Police Department. Mr. Vines tried to explain to Mr. Brown that he was taking photos of the crowd. Mr. Brown then punched him in his upper lip, according to Mr. Vines and other witnesses. Check it out below:

The case was investigated by the Tampa Police Department and a warrant for his arrest was issued on Aug. 11, 2017.

Chris Brown’s tour is due in St. Louis Sunday July 29th.  I hope he makes it…..looks like Chris might have to “write that check” to make this situation disappear.