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My G.O.A.T. female rap diva Lil Kim is the lastest Diva in debt. And it’s ALOT of debit too! Big Momma Queen Bee  filed for bankruptcy last month in New Jersey, claiming she has $4 million in debt.

According to legal docs, Kim owes $2 million on a loan for her NJ home and $1,845,451.74 in unpaid taxes, as well as $186k for legal bills. She’s offered to pay $5,500 a month to a creditor to pay down her ginormous debt and there is a hearing scheduled for July:



And Lil Kim has new music coming soon:



So make sure you support her new project….she could definitely use the coins. I’m just bought my favorite old school Lil Kim CD, Hard Core and Drugs was my favorite track: (Warning bad language is in the clip below:)



Lil Kim is a true OG so I know she’s going to get out of this soon!