It was an LONG overdue and emotional day for Alice Marie Johnson. The 63-year-old great-grandmother was granted clemency by Donald Trump one week after Kim Kardashian met with him at the white house. The world watched as Alice ran to her family and her freedom. As excited as she was to get to her family I thought it was so sweet how she stopped to look before running across the street to her family’s waiting arms:

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The reality television star initially became involved in Johnson’s case in October after watching a Mic Opinion video of Johnson sharing her story from behind bars:

She tweeted the clip and then enlisted the help of her personal attorney Shawn Chapman Holley and together they made it happen for Alice.

Holley told the website The Blast that she was on the “wonderful, emotional and amazing phone call with Alice, Kim and Alice’s lawyers.”

Needless to say Alice is very grateful to everybody:

And repeated her gratitude on GMA today:

One of Johnson’s attorneys, Brittany K. Barnett, had this to say:

“Justice has been served today, and it’s long overdue. Alice has more than paid her debt to society by serving over 21 years of a life-without-parole sentence as a non-violent drug offender,” she said in a statement.

“Life without the possibility of parole screams that a person is beyond hope, beyond redemption. And in Alice’s case, it is a punishment that absolutely did not fit the crime. President Trump saved Alice Johnson’s life today. We are extremely grateful and hope the President continues to use his clemency power to save lives.”

Congratulations Miss Johnson…enjoy and live your BEST life!