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The G.O.A.T. of gold digging, Jeremy “The Hot Felon” Meeks and his Topshop Billionaire Heiress fiancee, Chloe Green have welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Jayden Meeks-Green. Born May 29th:

“We are pleased to announce the birth of our beautiful baby boy Jayden Meeks-Green. Born May 29th 2018,” the captions on both of the photos read.

They continued, saying, “Mommy and Baby both doing well. We kindly ask to respect our privacy please. Much love Chloe & Jeremy.” Jayden is the first child for Green, 27years old. Meeks, is 34 years old.


Meeks, who gained fame and a career in modeling when his super sexy2014 mugshot went viral and landed him a lucrative modeling contract and career has one son with his ex-wife, Melissa, who after years of marriage and holding Jeremy down for years as he ganged banged and was in and out of prison, he left for Chloe, the daughter of British retail billionaire Philip Green.

That’s why I call him the G.O.A.T. of gold digging. Who else to you know in the history of the world who in less than four years goes for being a incarcerated gang banger to one of the top male models in the world, engaged to a NOT million Heiress BUT a Billionaire Heiress who loves his dirty draws and just totally secured his bag for life by having a baby with her????? Either Jeremy is the G.O.A.T. of gold digging, or is the living the most charmed life EVER or has sold his soul to the devil…I don’t know for sure congratulations and enjoy before KARMA makes her swing back around for you Pimp.

Jeremy doing his dance when found out his baby (aka Money bag) was born happy and happy:

Sorry I digress…..couldn’t help it! LOL!

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