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Are you ready to draw?

Swear, I’m not “making” this “up”, Your favorite crayon company is now in the make up business!  Crayola is making makeup!

Yes… in a partnership with young adult retail brand ASOS, Crayola now has a line of 58 vegan and cruelty free beauty products. which includes “face crayons,” mascara, highlighters, and eyeshadow palettes. Shades, such as Tumbleweed and Dandelion, match the names of actual Crayola crayons:

“Cute right?” reads the product description. “Our inner child is beyond excited. Celebrating individuality and self-expression, the brand’s ultra-creamy, multipurpose face crayons are great for blending and experimenting – who cares if you color outside the lines?”

This isn’t even Crayola’s first venture into cosmetics: In 2007, it released a line of pink and red chubby lipsticks for Clinique. With hues like cerulean and dandelion (nods to the colors you’ll find in Crayola’s standard 24 box of crayons) you can create multicolored looks like these:

I don’t know if you would want too, but now you have the option! LOL! They even have a bronze highlight crayon and mascara that looks like a marker:

I bet you never thought you’d be highlighting your face with Crayola but hey, it’s 2018 anything is possible! Happy face painting!