EVERYBODY’S MAD at J.R. Smith today…..unless your a Golden State Warrior fan. Dude likely just played the worst game of his career last night. I bet he just wants to crawl into a hole and drown in Hennessy for a few days while all this dies down. He likely played the worst game of his career last night, which ultimately cost the Cleveland Cavaliers the Game 1 win in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, 124-114. If you missed it here’s why:

You KNOW he’s catching ALL smoke today….here just a few from the “No Chill” having Internet:



And how do you try to explain such a mega F up? Well J.R did try:

And what did King James have to say:

And the internet keeps bring that SMOKE:

Warning: Foul language on this next one:

Wow. All I can say is:

There’s always next time…hold your head J.R.