WARNING! This video is violent, disturbing and it WILL make you mad! This punk, Danny Vasquez pictured above,a 24-year-old outfielder from Venezuela and now former Astros prospect has been released after the emergence of a shocking video in which he is seen beating his girlfriend, Fabiana Perez, 21,  This lame, was arrested in August 2016 on domestic violence charges and released by the team. He was playing for the Double A Corpus Christi Hooks at the time of his arrest. A  video was obtained of the incident, captured by a security camera in a stairwell at the Hooks’ home stadium. In the video, below Vasquez repeatedly strikes the woman and drags her down the stairs.  It is VERY hard to watch :

Perez and Vasquez dated for six years, and eventually broke up a few months after the attack. However Perez never pressed charges, refusing to cooperate with investigators, something she now regrets. So eventually the charges against Vasquez were dropped when he completed an intervention program.  Vasquez went on to propose to his girlfriend but is now married to another woman:

This is why you NEVER compare your relationship to what people post on-line! Alot of those seemly “Happy” #RelationshipGoals “Perfect Couples” are hiding ALOT behind their closed doors! They even make music videos…all to put up a lovely front :


In an interview with  Univision on Thursday, Perez says she now regrets not holding her ex accountable.

‘Now, when I watch the video, I remember things and I say: “How could this have happened, why did I not do anything, why did I not react?”‘ Perez said.

She added: ‘May God forgive him, only he knows what he did. “If I had the conscience I have now, I would have made another decision.’

Perez went on to offer this sage piece of wisdom, learned the hard way.

‘When there is a lack of mutual respect, things change, things get out of control,’ she said. ‘That’s why you always have to maintain respect, values [and] communication in a relationship.’


Ladies NO man loves you if he hits you….PERIOD! If you are in a abusive relationship and need help call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. It’s available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.