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1984 Grammy Awards

Source: William Nation / Getty

Quincy Jones is a legend…period.  At 84 years of age and DECADES in the music industry he’s seen a lot and recently he opened up to telling everything from how Michael Jackson stole songs, Oprah shouldn’t run for president, and who killed JFK but the thing that has EVERYONE talking is him saying how Marlon Brando would have sex with everyone and even bedded two of our most famous legends, Marvin Gaye and comedian Richard Pryor.

While everyone was losing their collective minds when the interview hit the interwebs and questioning the validity of his accounts, Richard Pryor’s widow confirmed that they in fact DID have relations. Some are truly upset…others (like me) are just happy our stories are being told by a legend.  So many have died and with them so did their amazing experiences.  What do you think?

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