Well Flavor Flav’s mouth finally wrote a check his ass couldn’t cash, and he caught them hands in Vegas! According to TMZ, the attack happened Tuesday at the South Point Casino. Flav told cops that Ugandi Howard, accused him of disrespecting his mother, and the beatdown began…..right on the casino floor!  Flav says Howard punched him in the face, and kicked him while he was on the ground.

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WTH?!?! I wonder what Flavor Flav said or did to dis Howard’s mom??? Maybe he tried to holla at her and said something slick? Maybe she asked for a picture and he was rude? Damn….too bad New York wasn’t there:

Flav told cops he only went down because he pulled a groin muscle….huh? Ok Flav whatever….

Casino security took Howard into custody. When officers arrived, he was charged with battery and released. Flav went to a hospital to get checked out, but only suffered minor injuries.  From the cradle to the grave most men do NOT play about their momma’s!

Of course, the whole thing was captured on casino surveillance video, and law enforcement tells us it shows Howard throwing the first punch. I can’t wait to see that video!