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Well, looks like old of the oldest beefs in Hip-Hop, Ja Rule vs 50 Cent is back on yet again! Now depending on who you believe, this beef started way back in 1999 when…wayment! I’ll just let Chris Gotti brother of Murder Inc founder, Irv Gotti tell you because he was there:

These guys have had a TON a beef over the years, in the street and on record. Heree’s other “eye witness” account:

But why not just hear it straight from the horse’s (Ja Rule) mouth:




So what reignited this old ass beef? It seems to have transpired from an interview in which 50 took a few shots at Ja, saying he “already put him to bed.” Check it out below:


So that’s the other horse’s (50 Cent) side.  Pick a side a rock with it. With this never ending beef going strong these almost geriatric rappers will be beefing like this:

But for Real, Real do we really even care about this 20 year old refried beef?





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