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As we all know Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent is all about getting the “bag.” Say what you want about him but that man know how to promote and make that bread. Well Curtis is at it again and usually you know what that “thing” is by the hashtag at the end of his Instagram caption, a hashtag that usually has nothing to do with the post it followed. Right now, that “thing” is the movie Den of Thieves, in theaters on January 19. So he stopped by Stephen Colbert’s talk show last night, and what ensued was really funny AF. Watch the full interview below:

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Around the  2:04 mark Colbert then asks to see the difference between the two personas, Curtis Jackson and 50 Cent, and Fifty  does it spot on, at the drop of a dime. The funniest thing about this, is that you know it’s real you know Fifty really has those two personas. I love it and can’t wait to check out his new flick and the next season of Power!