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Lil Kim , Mase, and Tiffany Foxx at The Pageant

Source: Victoria Said It / C.McGraw /Victoria Said It/Saint Louis

It’s The Bad Boy Takeover! Yes! Lil Kim and MA$E along with Tiffany Foxx and Brad Young hit the Rock House Entertainment stage last night at The Pageant. As DJ Kut of 95.5 The Lou brought the party people out! I’ll say it took me back, made me want to Diddy Bop all night.

Now, I could write about the performances and all but I will say Tiffany Foxx hit the stage and showed the hell out! I mean… just take a  look at the pics! She did that!

I will reflect though on the past and give you the Top 5 LIL KIM songs that you just couldn’t listen to when you were younger! Well that’s really any of Lil Kim’s songs but these were the, “Oh so you think you grown, listening to these lyrics”. From the time Lil Kim hit the scene her lyrics screamed controversy, mainly because she a female speaking out like most men in this industry.


5. No Time: ” It felt fine, ‘specially when he used to grind it. He was a trick when I sucked his di* k. Used to pass me bricks, credit cards and shit

Suck him to sleep, I took the keys to the jeep Tell him “I’ll be back, ” go f*ck with some other cats…”

4. Get Naked : This was by Tommy Lee but featured the Infamous Queen B and Fred Durst, the video alone made it the most controversial moments in music when the video debuted. 

3. How Many Licks: This straight to the point hit, featuring Sisqo of Dru Hill  is actually one of my favorites, mainly because I wasn’t allowed to sing it when I was younger. So, now I’m old enough  to sing it as loud as I want!

2. Queen Bit*h :Lyrics are Lil Kim’s specialty and this song she took it to a level that made females can run the game too: “Bet I wet ya like hurricanes and typhoons. Got buffoons eating my pu**y while I watch cartoons, sleep ’til noon…”

1. Big Momma Thang : This joint featured Jay Z and Lil Cease, and with lyrics like ” I used to be scared of the d**k. Now I throw lips to the s**t, handle it like a real bi*ch”!

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