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For quite some time there have been rumors about T.I. and Jeezy having an album together. In 2014 the rappers even revealed to fans that they recorded a lot of songs together and wanted to release an album. According to Hip Hop DX, T.I. recently spoke out about moving forward with the album.

He said, “I just wanna go and get started. You know, me and Young, we tend to go back and forth because Young, he does a lot of contemplating, which is very good, because that’s how you come up with the best ideas, but I just move. I’m ready to go.” Jeezy also made comments about how the rappers would work together.

Jeezy said, “The one thing that I’m going to say about Tip is that he’s always going to have great ideas. So me and him threw a couple of things back and forth. He talked about an album, I talked about a movie, and we’ve just been back and forth about it ever since. He wants to do an album and I want to do a movie. So if we can do a movie with a soundtrack, I think we’re good. [Laughs]” There is no word on when this album, movie or whatever they want to do will be released, but we will keep you posted.

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