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Ed Lover and Eminem

Source: The Ed Lover Show / The Ed Lover Show

Last weekend Chance The Rapper hosted “Saturday Night Live” and Eminem performed. It was an epic episode as hip-hop took over. Ed Lover even had the opportunity to speak with Eminem after the show and share stories of how far rap has come.

The radio host mentioned that after a conversation in the hallway he then was brought into his dressing room. Ed Lover even talked about how they discussed hip-hop and Eminem grew up on his hit show “Yo! MTV Raps.


In a post Ed Lover wrote, “Last night at SNL wit Em! I couldn’t believe that after a brief conversation in the hallway he had his security ask me to come to his dressing room so he could ask ME for a picture and talk hip hop! This guy is a purest a lyrical mastermind and a student of hip hop! I was absolutely taken aback by the fact that Yo! MTV Raps was a must see for him growing up and that he has damn near every episode! God bless hip hop!!!”

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