Sooooooo with nine babies in, one on the way  and one battling leukemia KeKe wyatt’s husband of over seven years, Michael wants out. Really Bruh? Because he says she a  “emotional wreck.” What mother wouldn’t be having back to back to back babies and one dying of cancer??? He calls her “toxic” but I’m thinking more Postpartum Depression, worry, sorrow and exhaustion! But I digress…..

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Now Michael’s speaking out, saying that he can no longer be with KeKe because she’s “toxic” and it’s having a negative effect on their children:

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“For over seven years I have been Keke’s husband, backbone, friend, confidant, and support system. I have loved, raised, supported, and cared for every child in our family (biological or not), including our son who is currently battling leukemia,” said Michael in a statement to TheJasmineBrand.

“I will continue to be that person and do all of these things, but I will not be her husband. I can no longer allow our children to live in a toxic environment and, because I love Keke, I can no longer accept toxic behavior,” he added.

“A home should be a refuge of peace from the inequity and harshness of the world. Keke is much stronger than she gives herself credit for and she is a great mother. There is a healing that needs to take place and I have faith that it will happen.

“There is never a good time for a family to deal with harsh realities, but as long as we keep God first we have to know that our battle has already been won. Now, as our family deals with these realities I humbly ask that you please keep us lifted in prayer, and when you comment please keep our children in mind.”

I hope he’s going to keep the children in mind….since she’s Soooo “Toxic” I wonder if he’s going to take all the children with him when he leaves and raise them on his own so KeKe can get the treatment and care she needs to heal??? (Sips Tea…)

So in a now deleted post KeKe  told us how she’s feeling about his divorce request:

I just want to know what lawyer told Keke Wyatt’s husband leaving now would work out well at a settlement conference. (Sip Tea…)

You remember KeKe stabbed her last husband, Rahmat Morton….on Christmas Day no less because he was beating on her:

“I had a marriage where there was domestic violence going on and I did stab the guy, but I was trying to save my life. When you’re in that situation and you know you have a baby in the other room and the last thing you want to do is let your baby walk in on a dead mommy, you’re going to do whatever it takes.” Well alrighty then.

Needless to say KeKe’s husband is the most despised man on Twitter right now and I say rightfully so BUT there are two sides to every story and some people are coming to Micheal’s defense:( Warning Foul Language:)

This situation is going to get way messier before and if it gets better. But if I was KeKe I would be dropping  ALL nine kids off to Micheal and burning out like Ike Turner’s ex wife in the movie “what’s Love Got to do with It” LMAO!!!!

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