Well ladies, comedian Mike Epps is officially single in these streets! But it put a major dent in his bank account.

The ink is still wet from the judge signing off on his divorce from Mechelle Epps, his wife of 12 years, mother of his two children and the property settlement shows just how rich they are.

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Mike walks away with 10… Yes 10 whole properties in Indiana. He keeps his 2016 Mercedes, his 2015 Jeep Cherokee, ’79 Caddy and 2011 Suzuki chopper.

Hold up Mike….

Now, Mechelle  gets $25k a month in spousal support for a total of 6 1/2 years, but if she remarries he stops paying. (Sooooo we can pretty much guarantee she won’t be doing that! LOL!) He also has to pay $15k a month in support for their 2 children. He’s also footing the bill for their private school.

And Mike and Mechelle also split royalties from his numerous movie and TV roles, including “The Hangover,” “Hancock” and “Girl Trip.”

Mechelle walks away with a small fleet of cars herself, including a 2014 Bentley, 2013 Mercedes, 2015 Toyota Prius and a 2013 Land Rover.

The couple will sell their family home in Encino and split the profits.

They agreed to joint legal custody and are still in the process of working out the physical custody arrangement.

So I wonder what all this means for Mike’s new boo thang, Kyra Robinson:

According to Kyra’s social media bio, she’s currently works at the OWN Network and is a producer on Iyanla: Fix My Life.

So, congratulations Mike on your new freedom, I’m sure you’ll make it right back!