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Is Bobby Brown taking credit where it really isn’t due? I can hearing MJ rolling in his grave like:

So who’s bad???  according to Bobby Brown he’s the baddest! Saying HE taught MJ his signature “Moonwalk” move.

In an interview with ‘The Cypher,’ Bobby says that the moonwalk was just one of his ‘signature moves’ that he, himself, brought to the East Coast.

via BET:

“I had a few moves that was just super,” he explained. “Plus, I was the first one in Orchard Park to do the moonwalk. So, the moonwalk was one of my signature moves. Nobody. I had brought it up from down South. It was something that just killed the game once I brought it up the East Coast.”

According to Bobby, the dance craze existed long before Motown 25 and he even passed his  moonwalk instructor’s lesson down to the King of Pop before it became his signature move.

“Actually, I was the one that taught Michael how to do it,” he said when asked about the moonwalk’s origins. Bobby explained how it all went down, recollecting that him and his New Edition clique received an invite to the Thriller icon’s home. They all found themselves dancing in “this big room with mirrors,” in which MJ spotted Bobby’s distinctive dance move.  

“We was poppin,’ he was watchin’ us pop,” he said. “He saw me do the moonwalk. And he [asked], ‘What is that?’ And I did it again. He just watched it, and he just started doin’ it.” Boy…bye! Can you picture Bobby and MJ battling it out:

Bobby admits that despite being the creator of the lunar dance sensation, he had to hand it to MJ for perfecting the moonwalk. As for where Bobby picked up the move from, he said that a young man in Alabama taught him by sliding through the move in sand deliberately spread on the ground. After it peaked Bobby’s interest, the guy taught him how to conduct the move and the rest was pretty much history.

Uh…sorry Bobby I’m calling BS on this story. Why you wait ALL these years after MJ death to make this claim? Why not when he was alive to co-sign OR call BS too?

In the words of my Beloved Method Man, “What’s that ish that they be smoking”?!?!

What’s the next fantasy 500 story gonna be Bobby? Do you ever remember seeing Bobby Brown doing the moonwalk? The running man…yes, The moonwalk nah bruh.