Dick Gregory: “The Spirit Of A Black Woman Is The Hurricane” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


Before the late, great comedian and activisDick Gregory passed, he came through to the “Ed Lover Show” studio and talked a little bit about everything. He talked with Ed Lover about being married for 56 years, and the power of the black woman. “The spirit of the black women is the hurricane,” he says, noting that hurricanes started on the west coast of Africa, where the slave ships were loaded up before heading to the Americas. He also explains the significance of the fact that those same hurricanes travel in the same trajectory that the slave ships traveled. 

Plus, Dick talks about prostitution as a primary function for white men, because of its origins and the position of the black man and woman at the start of America’s history. Click on the audio player to hear more in this exclusive interview from the “Ed Lover Show.”

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Dick Gregory: “The Spirit Of A Black Woman Is The Hurricane” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] was originally published on edlovershow.com

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