Holiday Shopping Begins In Ferguson As Protests Continue

Source: Joshua Lott / Getty

Written by Kano

Cops are called when the heat strikes back. Let me explain… Now we know it’s hotter than dragon throat out here, but I’d bet nobody knows that better than the inmates at the St. Louis Medium Security Institution, better known as “The Workhouse” prison.

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On Friday, as the local CBS affiliate reports, nearly 200 people gathered outside the St. Louis prison to protest these lava-like conditions, and guess you showed up?

The riot squad! Although they made themselves known with pepper spray and Spartan shields, the quick-tempered police only made one arrest. Which sucks, because they probably could’ve spent that “crowd control” money on a f%&$ing air conditioning.

Speaking of AC, according to the St.Louis Mayor’s Office, negotiations on a contract for air conditioning could be effective as early as Monday. Wow!

There’s a lot more to this story, so watch KMOV’s report in the video below. In conclusion stay cool peeps.

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