Somebody is about to be SOOOO fired!

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Intimate footage of Blue Ivy hitting a sturdy Milly Rock while dancing to the latest dance craze, the #SlowMotionChallenge, leaked on the Internet and Tina Knowles is reportedly very upset over it.

The adorable cell phone footage shows Blue engaging in innocent fun while dancing to the viral song Just Do It. Beyonce can be seen cheering her on with joy in the corner while we hear Jay rooting in the background. It might be deleted soon so watch it here quick:

I LOVE me sum Blue Ivy! How cute is she?!?! And she’s looking more and more like Beyonce everyday and looks like she’s getting momma Bey’s dancing talents too!

So how could Momma Tina and family be mad about such adorable footage? They did not post it. Somebody in the inner circle did and we all know to be in Beyonce’s  inner “Bey Hive” leaking to anyone especially the press or social media is the ultimate NO-NO!

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Footage of Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Solange and her son Juelz also leaked online:

Again look QUICK because there are cries on social media for both videos to be deleted to respect Bey and Jay’s privacy since they did not share it themselves.

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Mama Tina recently posted a video on Instagram singing along to Blue Ivy’s freestyle on a bonus track  papa Jay’s 4:44 CD along with Solange’s son Juelz:

That’s Juelz is going to be a Lady Killer when he grows up!

I’m so sure they’re going to get to the bottom of the video leak. I hope whoever leaked it got paid what losing they inside seat in Bey’s beehive was worth…..NOT! We all know the privilege is PRICELESS!

I wonder if it was him……

17th Annual Living Legends Gala

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LMAO….sorry couldn’t resist!