I love this preggo picture of Beyonce….I favorite one! From the moment Beyonce announced she was pregnant and with twins, the Beyhive (and pretty much everyone else) has speculated about everything from the babies’ sex to what her and hubby Jay-Z will name them. I like to call them Blue Print 1 and Blue Print 2…lol.

Now, as we await news of the twins’ arrival (seriously, Bey! Where are they?!😩), here are some of the biggest fan theories surrounding the singer’s pregnancy.

4:44 (The Numbers that Sent the Internet Into a Frenzy)

The latest round of Beyoncé theories swept the Internet earlier this week after the number 4:44 began mysteriously popping up all over New York City — and as a banner ad on hip-hop sites like Complex, Hypebeast and Fader. Signs were also spotted in Los Angeles, Variety reports.

Although many speculated that the numbers teased an upcoming, highly-anticipated Jay Z album, others turned their attention to the “Single Ladies” singer and the pregnancy. Some fans surmised that the numbers meant that Bey had given birth.

One tweeter wrote:  “Imagine if it had nothing to do with music or a film or anything, it was just an announcement that the twins were born at 4:44.”…..Wow this ish is really getting deep!

It all started with a pair of earrings…In March, the expectant mom uploaded a slew of bomb pregnacy pictures on Instagram and members of the Beyhive immediately turned their attention the earrings she wore in the shot.

Fans noticed that the oval pieces were the same earrings Beyoncé wore in her 2008 music video for “If I Were A Boy,” leading many to speculate Bey was once again trying to tell us something…..

Beyoncé is wearing the If I Were a Boy earrings again…does this mean she’s having twin boys??— taylor-dior rumble (@taylordiorr) March 14th 2017

I concur! I know a boy is in Jay-Z future! Soooo……

Has Beyoncé Already Given Birth? Fans Seem to Think So….

With everyone’s eyes glued to  Bey’s Instagram account for updates, fans were sure to notice that the star hasn’t graced her more than 100 million followers with any content since May 30. This, among other things, has led many to believe that Beyoncé has already welcomed her new little ones. AND…. an unidentified woman was photographed Friday at a Los Angeles hospital, carrying a bouquet of pink, purple and blue flowers with two giant baby foot-shaped pink and blue balloons that read, “Baby Girl” and “Baby Boy.” An eyewitness said the woman walked into the front of the building, then got back into her car and drove into an underground parking lot. She emerged five minutes later without the flowers.

Why is this a MAJOR clue?!?! The woman’s gift also contained a card that reads, yep, “B & J.”

Watching…….I will definitely keep you posted on any developments!