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And another one…..

Nick Gordon, long time boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown has been arrested on domestic violence charges following an altercation involving his current girlfriend, police said.

The 28-year-old, who was found legally responsible but never charged for Brown’s 2015 death, was taken into custody Saturday on charges of  and false imprisonment,according to police in Sanford, Florida.

His girlfriend told police that Gordon beat her and refused to allow her to leave their shared home after a late-night argument. Gordon is being held on $15,500 bond, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Now in an interview with, Laura Leal has finally spoken out about her ordeal — and how similar she’s learning it was to Bobbi Kristina’s!

She said”

“I’ve been reading the reports about Bobbi Kristina and I’m physically shaking. I read about her being isolated, her family not knowing where she was, the manipulation, the bullying – it’s the exact same thing. That could have been me. Only the Grace of God saved me.”

Huh? How could she NOT know about Bobbi Kristina?

she said:

“In all sincerity we never talked about Bobbi Kristina. I was protective of his feelings and what he had been through. I felt like I could trust him. He has a love for kids and I do too, and that’s what captured me. Everything was going great.”

But then:

“It started with a push and a slap, it would happen at least once a week. I would have to put makeup on my bruises to cover them up, especially on my face. But I blamed myself. I thought it was my problem and that I had to work harder at the relationship to make it work.”

Laura talked one incident in which Nick allegedly slammed her head into the passenger side window of his car, another where she was hiding from him in the bathroom  until he broke in and smashed her phone to keep her from calling the police:

“I thought he loved me but how can you love someone when you put them through this hell? It’s like a double personality in one person. He’s psychotic.”

As for the incident that lead to Nick’s arrest:

“It was like a switch had been flicked. He wanted me to admit that I was involved with his friend but I wasn’t going to admit to something that wasn’t true.

He literally sat on top of me on the bed punching my head with his big ass body on top of me. I was punched so hard that I was seeing colors and a bright flashing light. I thought I was going to go blind and wondered whether I was ever going to be able to see again. I thought to myself, am I dying?

My head was swollen my neck hurt so bad. He grabbed me by my hair. He would wrestle me one minute then try to hug me. We were going through this for six hours.”

Laura said she eventually got a moment to send an emergency message to her family, who called her an Uber. But Nick wouldn’t let her leave.

That’s when she threw a big candle at his face, giving him a bloody nose. She said:

“I didn’t mean to break his nose but it was a survival instinct. He looked at me with such hate that I will never forget it. He raised his fist like he was about to knock me out so I opened the door and ran into his mom’s room. She hopped out of bed, I said, ‘Michelle I need to get home” and she said she would take me. She is a great woman. She saved my life. Nick threw my stuff all over the sidewalk but it ended right there.”

And the killing part? When came to arrest Nick he told she attacked HIM first and he wanted to press charges on her! Nice try Nick….NOT! What a loser and a lame. Hope they trying start looking hard again into Bobbi Kristina’s death again and finally put this dude behind bars!

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