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Source: Starz press photo / Starz

Carmelo Anthony is about to be mad! All my fellow Power fans have much love for rida or die character “Tommy” play by actor Joseph Sikora. Yes the ladies love them some Tommy…myself included. Over the course of the series Tommy’s Thugalicious, Hood Fabulous, Get Down For His Crown, Black Man in a White Man’s body persona has had all us Sistas like “Ok when are the writers of  the show gonna to hook Tommy up with a Black woman”?  Well the wait is over….Tommy has finally caught Jungle Fever and his new Afro love interest is none other than LaLa Anthony was plays “LaKeisha” on the show. Who saw that one coming?

Lala anthony

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LaKeisha is the best friend of James “Ghost” St. Patrick’s wife Tasha, and last season, viewers questioned whether the drug dealer Milan had killed her as part of his bitter feud with Ghost or did she take the bag of money Tasha left her and get out of Dodge? Well obviously she still very much in the picture and in Tommy’s bed.

“This is my sister, and if you talk bad about her, I am going to kill you,” Sikora joked while giving details on the steamy scenes with La La.

Sikora said, “I think that we have a mutual admiration for each other. We built up a friendly relationship, so then you are put into a mock sexual relationship. Obviously, no private parts are being put near each other. But we really are kissing and touching so it is a luxury to do it with somebody you like and respect.” However, “It is far more sterile than people give it credit for. But as long as it does not look that way, I am fine.”

When LaLa was asked about the dynamics of her character she said, “Now, people get to see more of LaKeisha and what she’s about and see her in different scenarios and relationships.” “And as an actress, that’s really exciting, because I have more to dig my teeth into.”

“I think LaKeisha always wanted to be Tasha,” Anthony said. “She may have felt, ‘why her and not me? Why does she get the life? Why does she get the guy and not me?’ So that creates a lot of complications in the friendship.” I agree, they definitely have that whole “Frenemy” thing going on.

Mrs. Anthony also said viewers would be in for a wild ride with her character, who desperately wants to be part of the glamorous side of the drug dealing lifestyle.

“LaKeisha’s need to want to be in that world is so bad,” she said. “I think this season she understands that that comes with a price. But then you realize you’re in too deep to get out.”

When asked how the filming a love scene was she said “It was terrifying,”  “We’re women. Anytime you’ve got to take your clothes off, it’s a terrifying thing…All I can do is hope that it worked out well.” I’m sooooo Jelly, Joseph is a totally hottie! Can’t wait to see the outcome of this “relationship” We all know where Tommy’s last girlfriend, Holly ended up…..


Season 4 premiers Sunday June 25th!