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We hope this week is treating you well as arrive at the top of the hill on Wednesday. But before we get over the hump let’s celebrate R&B singer Damien Hall’s birthday with a mini concert by Guy coming up within the hour.  Tonight we’ve got a real life scenario that many parents are going through and tonight Simone wants your advice on what’s best for her #OHSOREALScenario:

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Simone and Lance are proud parents of 2 teenage boys. The oldest son will be going to the 10th grade next year with honors and the youngest son is supposed to go to 9th grade next year. When report cards came out last week, Simone and Lance were shocked to see their youngest son passed the 8th grade after receiving bad grades throughout the school year.

Simone thinks it’s best to make their child repeat the 8th grade since he struggled the whole year, but Lance doesn’t see any reason to hold the boy back if he technically passed.  Is Simone wrong for wanting to hold their son back? 

What would you do if your child barely passed the 8th grade on their way into high school? Let us know your thoughts below…it’s all #LoveAndRnB! 

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