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Lil Kim

Source: Lil Kim / Instagram

I LOVE me some Lil Kim so I REALLY hate to heard this but The Queen Bee may be losing her home!  A judge just OK’d the foreclosure of her North Jersey mansion!

A Bergen County, NJ judge recently ordered Lil Kim’s home’s foreclosure after the mom of one abruptly stopped fighting her bank’s lawsuit against her.

HSBC Bank sued Lil Kim aka Kimberly Jones in 2010 after it claimed she stopped paying the nearly $10,000 a month mortgage on her palatial Alpine, NJ estate the year before. HSBC said she made a deal with them in 2002 for a $1.5 million mortgage for her mansion, and promised to make the $9,935 a month payments. But the bank said Lil Kim but stopped paying altogether in 2009, and wants her out and the home sold at a Sheriffs Sale.

The case went through the courts and Big Momma Queen Bee tried to go into mediation with the bank in order to work out a payment plan.

But the bank said Lil Kim stopped responding to the suit earlier this year, and on May 4, a judge approved Kim’s foreclosure.

As of January 2017, the bank said she owed a total of $1,929,358.88 on the mortgage, including interest and taxes, according to court docs.

No one besides Lil Kim knows for sure why she stopped paying her mortgage. She brought in an estimated six figures from her stint on the Bad Boy Reunion Tour in 2016, and she’s also made money through releasing new music and promotional appearances. We’ve reached out to Lil Kim’s accountant for comment.

Kim’s home foreclosure isn’t the only money problem she’s dealing with: in 2015, the IRS hit her with a tax lien for $126,805. Who remembers seeing this poster everywhere when it dropped:


And you know she just had her first child two years ago, daughter Royal:


If anybody want to help her out:

She Owes Almost $2 Million