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I knew this was gonna happen!  I knew it!!! Stevie Wonder could see it! Remember  SNL and “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan won that a massive $90 million plus settlement from Walmart after one of the company’s trucks plowed into his limo van and left him seriously injured last year? Well just months after receiving his settlement pictures surfaced of him driving around in a $440,000 Lamborghini he bought. Then came the news that he also purchased a five-bedroom, nine-bathroom $13.9 million mansion……a sprawling 21,000 square feet $13.9 million mansion.

Soooooo now Tracy has his new Netflix’s comedy  “Staying Alive” in which the opening also features Morgan doing his best John Travolta impression, strutting around the streets of New York City carrying a Wal-Mart bags filled with money:

I said to myself  “Wal-Mart is gonna come after him and try to get some of that money back!” I should buy a lottery ticket!  Guess what????

Tracy Morgan has been ordered to testify under oath by Walmart’s insurance company about the multimillion-dollar crash settlement he from Wal-Mart which according to them, was way too much!

The store’s insurer, Ohio Casualty, is demanding that the comic be deposed over the estimated $90 million payout that he following the deadly 2014 crash. And not only that, They are also asking that he turn over his medical records, income statements, information related to his future earning potential and even documents pertaining to appearances he made on “Saturday Night Live” and the Emmys…..sometimes no matter how much you “ballin” you have to fly “lowkey!”

Court documents filed last week by Ohio Casualty and Liberty Insurance Underwriters outline the requests for deposition dates for both Morgan and his friend Ardley Fuqua, who was a passenger in the car on the night of the crash.

Some of the financial records that they’ve demanded to see include Morgan’s federal and state tax returns from 2009-2014, and documents related to his settlement and prior earnings.

In addition, the insurance company has requested to see a list of medicines that he was prescribed after the crash as well as any records of doctor visits. They are NOT playing with Tracy!

Tracy who is now 48 years old, was said to have suffered a severe brain injury in the July 7, 2014 crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. The incident left his good friend and fellow comic, James McNair, dead and several others seriously injured. He reached his settlement with Walmart in May 2015

Walmart’s insurers, ultimately believe that Morgan’s potential earnings and financial status weren’t as comprised as he made them out to be, and that he took advantage of the system. SMH….. L-O-W-K-E-Y!

Ohio Casualty blasted the deal with Morgan at the time, saying Walmart should have never paid the comedian without putting him or anyone else on the stand.

The decision to depose the Bronx native comes a little over a year after he and Fuqua were slapped with subpoenas, ordering them to cough up info about the crash  but they reportedly refused and failed to provide an “adequate excuse” as to why.

“The depositions of Morgan and Fuqua are relevant and necessary, because they collectively received 92% of the huge settlement of the Morgan action,” the court documents state. “Their depositions were never taken nor were they served with any formal discovery in the Morgan action, and Wal-Mart has relied on the claims of Morgan and Fuqua as the principal reason in contending that the settlement of the Morgan action was reasonable.”

The company’s motion to compel depositions of Morgan and Fuqua was filed on May 25 in Trenton, NJ. It asks that they provide a date between June 19 and August 2.

The pair could be held in contempt of court if they once again fail to provide a reason for why they can’t testify.

“The sole reason Morgan and Fuqua have refused to provide deposition dates is their insistence that Plaintiffs provide information that is not required under the federal rules and accept their unconditional reservation of all rights, including their reservation not to appear for a deposition at all,” Ohio Casualty writes in the court documents.

“This is a baseless position designed to avoid giving dates for their depositions,” they said. “For these reasons, Plaintiffs ask that Tracy Morgan and Ardley Fuqua be ordered to each provide Plaintiffs with dates on which they can appear for a 7-hour deposition pursuant to the subpoenas.” And he looked pretty darn healthy on his Netflix special carrying them Wal-Mart bags….I’m just saying! Remember the “ole folks” saying, “Don’t let the right hand know what the left hand is doing?” Somebody needs to remind Tracy Morgan….I’ll let you know how the depositions go….



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