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A couple is fighting on a couch and the girl is pointing her finger accusingly at him.

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I know I said no more dating, but how would this be chronicles if I stop talking about this mess called my dating life. So welcome!

Currently I’m single but the funniest guy I dated was the,”it’s only you” guy, he was a manager of a business, but aspiring entrepreneur that I was head over heels for in my early twenties. When I met him, he was in a relationship, and I respected him because he told me. From that one time, I never saw him until years later, where he expressed he was single and opening up his own spot.

He was cool, I liked him and got attached. We went out late nights, early morning, and afternoons. He knew my family and I knew his friends. We were good… until his new business became lucrative…more into women than money. I went from being able to pop up and surprise him to “just call before you come”.

Don’t get it twisted,I had spies. Even got one of my relatives a job in there. Time goes on, I’m getting lied to left and right by him. I just know I am.


When a guy says it, believe it! At this point , though I just was over it. Like i out my hands on this man, that was it. I was out of my character. Moving on, I got asked to take a trip to Chicago with a home girl for networking purposes. It was all good, 8 of Saint Louis’ finest caught the Mega Bus to the Chi! One girl in particular kept it real cute and cordial. Knowing we had crossed paths before, at the “it’s only you” guys business.

Again, we’re on the Mega Bus. We make it to our 1st rest stop. I use the bathroom (wash my hands of course). The same “cute and cordial” gives me eye contact in the bathroom mirror. She’s looking at me, I’m looking at her. She starts off, ” you know I f**ked *Chase. Without hesitation, I said; “That’s cute, but whatever”. I finished washing my hands and she looked as if I should have flipped out. I never did, I kept cool, and let her know ” I’m over him but if he is yours, have fun”.

She realized I wasn’t trying to make any waves and laughed it off saying, ” Girl his d**k was small anyways”. We laughed and in my head I was thinking, “If that’s how you felt, why come to me?”

Final Thoughts: Ladies don’t approach a woman for a man you not with and trust your intuition, flat out.

*Names have been changed to avoid drama.


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