The idea is to start a savings plan and keep it up for a whole year. We’re in week 8 of the 52 Week Challenge (52 weeks in one year). We started out by putting $1 away the first week and we’ve added a dollar each week. Two dollars the second week, $3 the third, $4 the fourth an so on. This week it’s week 8 so we’re adding $8 to our savings.

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If you started with me (8 weeks ago)…Great! You’re on your way. If you didn’t start with us…that’s okay. Start today by putting $1 away and finish a few weeks after us. Or, if you can afford to add up what would be in your stash if you started 8 weeks ago and put that in, then do that and you’ll be on week nine with us next week.

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Either way, join us in saving for 52 weeks straight and the best part of it all…not only will you be getting into the habit of saving, you will have saved $1,378.00. That’s One Thousand, three hundred, and seventy eight dollars!!! I guarantee you, it will be an amazing feeling.

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