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This is it, I’m over! Dating has officially become the last thing on my list. I’m taking you on the journey of Victoria Said It! The last guy I dated was 13 years older than me. That’s it, all guys are the same. Yes, ” All guys are the same”, is the worse sentence ever heard. Why? Because no guy wants to associate himself with the males species. No guy wants to be told they aren’t different.

I guarantee you’ve been with a guy the same age as you and he’s just as a flake as the guy 10 years older than you…It really doesn’t matter. For guys, I low-key think you all are afraid. Afraid of being hurt, just as much as females are. Woman are upfront in 2017, it’s only because being timid doesn’t get the job done.

I’ll tell you this about my last relationship, he said he wanted a relationship. I agreed, maybe two weeks  “courting”. I dropped all my potentials, said to myself “make it real”. Now we worked out for the most raggedy month ever. We broke up like 3 times, based off the fact that he lacked communication… all of a sudden. When he was trying to get me I heard from him before work, between work, and after. So, it’s like he flip flopped! “You ever seen a mother f***a flip flop on ya…?”

Yes, like that! No, just kidding… he wasn’t a woman, but he flipped and I wasn’t ready. One would say that is what I get for trying to be fancy in the Mercury Retrograde. Others would say I shouldn’t have been dating a man older than my oldest brother. Whatever the case, I’m taking it slow. My child and then work are what matter. Hopefully I can find someone that gets it and is really about the relationship and someone that calls me and wishes me a happy Mother’s Day.

Final thought: If you get rid of all your potentials for one guy, beware that if it don’t work out… you have to redraft your potentials again and don’t be mad when they may not want to deal with you.

Victoria Said It!

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