In an in-depth interview, 95.5 The Lou’s own Staci Static talks with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson.

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The two discuss how metal problems are being used to over drug our black boys and railroad them to prison.

Dr. Umar Johson explains how vouchers create a false sense of inclusion as it only benefits the black bourgeoise. He reminds us that in the 1980’s, while blacks were pushing for community control of education, whites offered “free money” to charters and sidetracked the movement.

He feels that every parent should be held accountable for home schooling their own children in addition to what happens in the classroom to make sure their kids are actually learning.

Dr. Johnson also shares that Title 1 money goes to schools specifically in low-income neighborhoods, so parents whose students are struggling in reading or math should demand tutors from principles for extra help. He also advises, that if a parent is told there’s no money for a tutor to ask how much was in the annual Title 1 budget to hold adminstration accountable as well.


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Watch as Dr. Umar Johnson explains how Charter Schools kill public education in the video below.

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