In an in-depth interview, 95.5 The Lou’s own Staci Static talks with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson.

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The two discuss how metal problems are being used to over drug our black boys and railroad them to prison.

Dr. Umar Johnson explains the following:

  • Once a student has been placed in special Education, they are less likely to graduate on grade level
  • If a black boy can’t read by the time he finishes 5th grade, there’s an 85 percent chance that he will never learn how
  • The average reading level of black men in the U.S. prison system is 3rd grade

Dr. Umar Johnson also explains how anyone who is a ward of the state can be over prescribed medicine because they have no one outside of the system to advocate on their behalf. Particularly, children who are foster kids and prisoners are most susceptible.

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Additionally, parents are tricked into accepting a mental illness diagnosis for their children because the government incentivized them with welfare checks.

Watch as Dr. Umar Johnson argues that the school to prison pipeline is created by whites, but maintained by gatekeeping negroes in the video below.

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