In an in-depth interview, 95.5 The Lou’s own Staci Static talks with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson.

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The two discuss how metal problems are being used to over drug our black boys and railroad them to prison. Dr. Umar Johnson, who’s been a clinical psychologist for over 20 years, recalls ADD’s rise in the 1980’s– the same period the mass incarceration of black men became more prevalent. By 1987, ADD had transitioned to ADHD and Ritalin prescriptions increased. The Drug Enforcement Administration, who also reports that the drug is “potent, addictive, abusable, over-prescribed, over-marketed, and over-sold,” classifies the drug as Schedule C. This classification means it’s just as addictive as cocain and opium!

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Watch as Dr. Umar Johnson explains how ADHD, or “Ain’t No Daddy At Home Disorder” as he calls it, takes the place of the father in homes with black boys and ritalin is the discipline they tend to lack in the video below.

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