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A 19-year-old white man who was accused of thrusting a coat hanger up the rectum of a mentally disabled Black teammate will receive no jail time. The defendant, John R.K. Howard, was the football teammate of the victim, who also testified to a longer history of ridicule and racially motivated abuse from teammates.

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The whole court case involved a series of convoluted events including an unsolicited recording of the victim claiming his parents pressured him into pressing charges, then him retracting the statements in the recording. You can read about the case in detail via the Twin Falls Times-News

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Tim and Shelly McDaniels, the victims adoptive parents, where furious with the sentencing, especially after they were accused of fabricating the assault for financial gain. Advocates for the mentally disabled teen also perceived the lack of jail time for Howard as “a slap on the wrist for a privileged white teen who preyed on a disabled teammate from the only black family in town.”

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