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Source: Frank Trapper / Getty

OMG…Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have NOTHING on Robin Thicke and Paula Patton! They are at war over their son and it’s real Fugly….Robin just called the Po Po’s on Paula!

Robin brought the cops to Paula’s house on Friday morning because she allegedly violated their custody order by not allowing him to take their son … but the video below dramatically shows Robin who was there got his face cracked when the police sided with Paula.

According to TMZ, Robin won a victory in court Thursday when a judge refused to limit his custody to daytime monitored visits. This after the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services launched an investigation into allegations Robin was using excessive corporal punishment on 6-year-old Julian.

Soooooo…..when Robin called Paula after his court victory to take Julian for the night, which the custody order allows him to do but Paula was NOT having it and didn’t answer or return any of Robin’s calls. And Robin was NOT having that sooooo….Friday morning Robin went to Paula’s Malibu home with L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies and the court order. The deputies went inside the house and spoke with Julian and he said he was scared of his dad and didn’t want to go with him……BAMM!  Check out the video below….

You see Paula in the video but Robin is out of frame but trust me he is definitely there, inside the police car. The deputies explain they will not take the child against his will…..I bet that felt extra good to Paula since she was not invite to her long time ex father’s-in-law’s Alan Thicke’s recent funeral! Nope they didn’t invite her because “they” (Robin Thicke) said Paula and Alan “did not have a positive relationship” and that Paula “often made negative comments to Robin about his father.” Wow…….

One source connected with Robin says the couple is now close to reaching some middle ground on how to deal with the custody issues, but it seems they have WAY more issues than just custody! I will keep you posted….


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