'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Red Carpet Event

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Donald Trumps only black friend (that what I think) Omarosa has come out to defend him once again.

I case you didn’t know, Omarosa signed on as Trump’s Director of African-American Outreach, a move that has people looking at her “sideways”, So what does she do????? She writes an open letter to let people know that her boy Donald is an OK guy…

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 “I am aware of the perceptions but the’s open-minded, He does not judge people on their gender or race.”


“I am black, female, and Donald Trump is my friend. I’ve known him since 2003, when we taped the first season of NBC’s The Apprentice.

I’ve had four seasons of TV with him: the original show, Celebrity Apprentice, and I’m the only apprentice to have had a spinoff, The Ultimate Merger. I’ve worked with him for a lot of that time, and I never observed any of the behaviors attributed to him.

“As far as race, I can only talk of my own experiences as an African-American working with Donald, Ivanka, Eric, Donald Jr. and Melania on The Apprentice franchise. I’ve always felt incredibly appreciated and celebrated by the organization. You have to look at my track record with the Trumps. People show you who they are by what they do, and in my case, he’s only invested in and empowered me.

He’s been very public about how he feels, that I contributed to The Apprentice franchise and how I was his favorite contestant — contrary to what people say and believe about him when it comes to African-American women. Truly, I am living the American dream because of Donald Trump. Look at my career, the wealth and exposure that I’ve had: It’s very difficult to make the argument that Donald Trump doesn’t like black people and black women”.

UMMMMM… Are you sold yet????

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