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Single and bored? I hate to be the messenger in this, but if you’r still single and don’t want to be chances are your stuck.

Stuck in your ways that is! How many times have you heard “there’s somebody for everybody?” I’ll answer: too many! As cliche as it sounds, it’s true. The reason why your not answering that person you’ve been shooting down or going after that person you think is the perfect fit is probably because of one (or more than one :p) of these reasons.

  1. You Think The Good Ones Don’t Exist – You won’t know until you give and make time to date. Just because you ran across a few cornballs or ratchets doesn’t mean the rest of the world is the same. End your preconceptions here and go into dating with an unbiased mind.
  2. You Play Hard To Get – “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Stop pretending not to care when you really do. Stop saying your busy and your really laying on the couch. Playing hard to get will get you a little time to have fun but don’t be surprised when your mate drops like a fly. Leave the tricks for kids.
  3. Your Sprung On Your Ex – Get a brain eraser! Most likely your stuck on your ex because your lonely and getting tricked into thinking that the relationship was the best you ever had. Your ex is your ex for a reason stop thinking that’s the only one who will love you. There’s plenty of love out there.
  4. You think Love Conquers All – If your dating and your mate always has you on the run around chances are you need to leave them alone. Don’t settle because you have a small percentage of hope. Nobody is here for the mixed signals and the long hours of waiting for a text back. Keep it moving!
  5. Your Waiting For The One (aka picky as hell) – Look here, your perfect mate doesn’t exist. Making someone special and growing attraction is what a relationship is all about. Stop blocking your love blessings because he/she has a tummy or no edges. Love is love. Let it fall into place.

Hopefully you keep these things noted on your search for love. :) Stay dope, honest, patient, and open. Everything will work out perfectly. <3


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