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National Guard Called In As Unrest Continues In Ferguson

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It was difficult to share this because, Darren Seals was not only a leader but to know him and see his passion for this city was major. I met Darren while protesting in Ferguson, August 2014. He stopped me while protesting and said, “why do you have your hands up?” In confusion, but confidence, I responded ” Because these cops can’t shoot me if my hands are up”. He looked at me, in slight frustration, but he continued ” Sister you can’t have your hands up and show them you men business, it’s a sign of giving up and weakness”. I looked at the young King, angry as he wanted to be and I could tell his passion for the fight. We had a few choice words back and forth but that night we ended with a since of respect for one another addressing each other as King and Queen, as we all should.

I would run into Darren throughout protesting, whether big or small, he was there; opinionated and as passionate as ever. No he wasn’t in the wrong place at the wrong time, he wasn’t some thug, or hanging with the wrong crowd. He was a young black King trying make other black Kings and Queens believe in themselves. Hoping one day these kids would idolize the greats that came before us, instead of the highly overrated reality pop stars that our kids see on television. He wanted it to be cool to be strong and not just educated, but SELF educated as well.

I’m saying this all to defend the character of a man that I know, stands not chance against what others may say. My opinion, is based off what I saw from the man he showed me that he was. This upsets me more because, young King Darren Seals is another person that I’d let life fool me again into believing I’d have another day or time to see and talk to them. Don’t take for granted for what you see in front of you, may not be here tomorrow.


-Victoria Said It

…and said what I meant

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