Please be mindful that he footage is graphic and viewer discretion is advised.

Chicago Police officials released a graphic video showing officers shooting in a stolen car driven by 18-year-old Paul O’Neal. O’Neal later died due from gunshot wounds from the police. This calls in to question how Police handle certain situations. Somehow in this situations people of color are killed while others or not. Is race a factor? Is this the way officers are trained? Check out these videos below and come to your own conclusion. Maybe this will start the conversation on how to prevent these situations or maybe it will uncover something bigger.

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The first video above is footage from one of the body cameras of one of the officers involved in the Paul O’Neal shooting.

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Below is footage from a body camera from an officer in Sandy Springs, Oklahoma. The video shows the SUV speeding directly at the officer and his car as he fires two shots. It also shows the impact of the SUV hitting his car, hurling him yards away. However, this situation doesn’t end like the Paul O’Neal situation.

What can be done to prevent this or is it more than just training?

Video Sources YouTube, Vimeo

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