File picture of Khalia Ali, Muhammad's daughter. Here with her father and brother Muhammad Jr.

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A few weeks ago, I reported Muhammad Ali’s only biological son, Muhammad Ali Jr., immediately abandoned his wife of 11 years and their three young daughters as soon as he inherited his cut of Ali’s millions. Now. Ali Jr.’s wife, Shaakira, (pictured above, second from left) has confirmed it to MailOnline and revealed a laundry list of problems and just how bad of a condition Ali Jr. left his family in! Karma definitely has a date with this dude!

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Before leaving his family, Shaakira’s mom said Muhammad Ali Jr. kicked holes in the walls of he and Shaakira’s apartment an tore doors off the hinges. Shaakira said they have lived in poverty in Chicago for many years and that she mostly held down the fort financially with her checks from her nurse technician position. Ali Jr. cut grass sometimes, but never held a steady job. Through it all, they stayed together. Shaakira also said this isn’t the first time he’s left his family either, Nope! he’s done this before!

According to Shaakira, this is the second time Ali Jr. left her and their three daughters to fend for themselves. She said they had a few problems in the past and he would lose his temper very easily , but they’d work it out, except for the time he left them for eight months a few years ago. Wow!!!

Soooooooo of course, I know you asking, like I’m asking “Is dude on drugs?”  Shaakira didn’t go into detail about Ali Jr.’s alleged substance abuse, but she did say this: “He does struggle with substance abuse”. So has he ever tried to get help? She replied “No”. She also stated “I know people have said he’s been “drugging it up”. But I don’t know about that.”  Shaakira or her children has not heard from Ali Jr. in 2 weeks. Can it get any more messy?!?! Yes it can and yes it did!

A few days after Shaakira attended Muhammad Ali’s funeral, she says Ali Jr.’s sister, Maryum from the AMC show “60 Days In”, sent her text messages, accusing Shaakira of trying to sell footage of the funeral to the media, which Shaakira adamantly denies doing. Text #1 read:

“I just got a call that law enforcement will be arresting the person that is trying to sell a videotape of my father’s burial. Only two people taped the burial. We know you did and another lady that was standing close to my mother. It would be sad to see you go to jail so I hope it’s not you. Beware of this.” Text #2 read:

“I’m appalled you would stoop so low to disrespect our father at his burial. I know now why you never sent me the video because you were negotiating the price of it. I feel so sorry for your soul especially during this Glorious month of Ramadan. Allah sees all and he is all knowing.” Yes baby put on your Messy Boots and keep up….Lawd!

Shaakira is used to the strained relationship with her husband’s fam’ though According to Shaakira’s mother “this was never a marriage where two families came together. It was a marriage where two families got further and further apart.” GOD don’t like ugly and this whole situation is Fugly…I will be sure to keep you updated on the latest!