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Photo of BOYZ II MEN

Source: Michel Linssen / Getty

Wanya Morris of the R&B group Boyz II Men will celebrate his 43rd birthday. I’m not sure about you but I had a crush on every last one of them as they came in with that a cappella,  soulful harmonizing.

Born, Wanyá Jermaine Morris, raised in Philadelphia, he joined R & B in the 90’s and found the members of Boyz II Men. Formerly a quartet including bass Michael McCary, baritone Nathan Morris, with tenors Shawn Stockman Wanya. The group went as a trio after 2003.

Now we know Boyz II Men, but did you know Wanya has been married to the same women for over 14 years? Yes! Look at the universe! Now Wanya and Traci are reported to be living as beautiful family in New Jersey. Trully inspired by their love! Not a lot of relationships can stand the test of time in the music industry.

If  you want to check out more of what Wanya is up to, check him out on his twitter, right here!

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