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Lil Kim is no stranger to criticism about her appearance. But when the rapper brought her 2-year-old daughter, Royal Reign, with her to the VH1 Hip Hop Honors: All Hail the Queens event in New York City, several “adults”, who should know better, tweeted some really hateful things about her toddler, whose left eye appeared to be slightly closed and/or asymmetrical to her right eye. How lame and full of hate must you be to tweet dumb things like this about a toddler!

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Others just made silly and insensitive remarks about her eye and about her mother, too stupid to care that Royal Reign is a defenseless child and that there is no excuse for trolling a defenseless child…period!  Children and the children of celebrities who put their lives out there for public display, deserve our protection. What kind of message are we sending when we use social media to mock a 2-year-old for her eye?  Hiding behind a computer and spewing hatred about a child is cowardly, ignorant, SUPER lame thing to do! Pick on somebody your own size…face to face!