“I’ve learned that P.O.W.E.R is from within. Give self permission to be happy”

Agnes C. Davis is a Renaissance woman with a mission to inspire, empower and inform. She is a unique individual who has lived through the seasons of life and weathered a few harsh winters: divorce, wrongful career termination, depression and being broke. Now, at the tender age of 51, Davis has reinvented and is reveling in the spring of her rebirth. Winning her wrongful termination suit, being reinstated at her job, launching a successful swim company and grooving to happy as a health and wellness advocate.

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Davis is the CEO of swim swim swim I SAY. A successful sports and recreational business with eight dedicated staffers, servicing over 100 clients. Burning both ends of the candle, she is also on a cardiac surgical team at a top New York City hospital. Agnes has worked beside Dr. Mehmet Oz in the operating room for four years, managing the heart and lung machine during surgeries and transplants.

“Having a full-time job on a cardiac surgical team, I know the importance of putting self as a priority. Throughout my tribulations, I have learned to take care of self, stay active, swim, workout, eat healthy and get my mind right. My gift is teaching wellness and courage. Accomplishment to me is when I see a student who has a fear of water jump into the pool; or an adult, who once complained of achy joints, now in the pool moving her legs and no longer aching. That’s good stuff,” says Agnes.

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