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Source: Tap Magazine / Getty

Everyday there’s a new app on the market. Some claim to make life easier, some only exist to kill time, but OnCamera does something more.

In this video shared by Viralvo, an unsuspecting woman is being followed by a stranger to her car in a deserted parking garage. She notices him several times, and as he moves in closer the potential victim thinks fast and pulls out her phone.

How would you handle this situation? Would you call 911? How long would that take? Would the attacker even give you a chance to explain your circumstances? That’s not likely. So the team at OnCamera created a function that notifies the authorities immediately with a live video feed of the attacker. At the same time, the app informs the attacker that he is being watched and offers him the opportunity to back off.

In theory, this is a great idea, but in practice? Who knows.

Would you give this app a try? Let us know why or why not in the comments.

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