King Speech In NYC

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Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Do you know the struggle that went behind making this day a holiday? I’ve got a few facts and a fun fact that will paint the picture.

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The holiday didn’t become a reality until more than a decade after Dr. Kings assassination. In fact, as the support grew, several states including, Illinois and Massachusetts were some of the first to enact the holiday, but Congress did not want to recognize it on a national level.

To help pull in more support the legendary Stevie Wonder dropped the song “Happy Birthday” in honor of Dr. King and in support to enact the holiday! (Fun Fact!) In 1982 King and Wonder came together with a petition filled with 6 million signatures in favor of the holiday!

It wasn’t until November 3rd, 1983 that President Ronald Reagan signed a bill marking the third Monday of Jan. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day. The holiday officially started in 1986.

So much hard work and dedication not only went into his time in the civil right era but it also went into giving the legend the recognition he deserved. Let’s keep the dream alive today and for years and generations to come. Let’s get organized!!!


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