Evil Clown Series

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They’re creepy and they’re kooky,

Mysterious and spooky,

They’re all together ooky,

The Addams Family.

Their house is a museum

When people come to see ’em

They really are a scream

The Addams Family.




I don’t know about you but I absolutely loved The Addams Family growing up! It was the family that was weird but treated everyone like they were the strange ones. Then I found that haunted houses were really amazing. Like the one time my mom took me, my older brother, and baby sister to a Haunted House in the known NORTHWEST PLAZA!!! My sister was only like 2 or 3, I was about 10, and my brother was 16. I remember it like it was yesterday, my brother was in front, mom was holding my sister, and I was in back (don’t ask me why). It was hilarious, I screamed, I cried, I ran!! It was a memorable moment and I can’t tell you why I loved it. At 10 I almost gave myself a heart-attack, but I loved it! I remember at a glance this full size monkey statue. Then I looked back and it was walking up behind me!!! Then I ran, screamed, and cried… again.(Lol!) Needless to say, there has to be a reason people love a good Haunted House attraction. So, here you have it!

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1) Memories – Visiting a haunted house with friends and family creates memories you will never forget. For years you will laugh at how your sister ran when the guy at the end popped out with  the chainsaw.
2) Excitement- After screaming your head off and you blood pumping, the anticipation of what’s around the corner is driving you and you burn some calories!
3) Gory scenery- It’s something about the franchise SAW that made everyone watch each movie like they didn’t know that strange puppet was going to pop up with a game he wanted to play and it always ended in some bloodshed!
4) Cheap thrill- After you get a group of friends to purchase those group deals, it’s the least amount of money you’ve paid and you got the best bang for your buck!
5) Fear you can face- Yes people truly afraid of the dark, clowns, or squeamish from the site of blood, I won’t advise you to go out of their way to make it to a Haunted House. For those like myself you know it’s fake and there is an end to this madness, temporarily face the fears. 

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