People Praying 1


Names listed here are prayer requests called in to Sunday Morning Gospel. To place your name or someone you would like us to pray for on the list, you may call Sunday morning – 314-969-0955, or text the word “pray”- click spacebar – “type name” to 80185 — or email Evangelist Mary Tillman at .

All sick, shut-in and bereaved families

President & Mrs. Barack Obama

Civil Leaders, Military, Government Officials, First Responders

Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, Ministers

Students, Teachers, Principals, Deans, & Support Staff of Educational Learning

Bentley’s Extended Care Residents

Rosewood Home Residents

MO Veterans Home Residents

Maria J

Dr. Diane B

Rev Louis Shelton (Union Tabernacle MBC)

Rev. C. Osby (1st Baptist Robertson)

Samuel H

Barbara D Family

Mt Zion MBC Complex

Pamela T

Second Baptist Kinloch

Family of Mrs. L. Miller (former 1st Lady)

Rev. Charles Roach

Rev. Cleophus R, Jr.

Brian N

Robert B

Paula C

Sharon C

S Artice

A Boone

I Billups

B Billups

S Dubitsky

J Griggs

A Evans

L Evans

D Satzinger

D McPhee

L Dancy

A Boone

A Boone

M Thomas

A Boone

A Evans

J Blocker

J Scott

K Thompson

H Ramsey

S Carter

M Jones

D Mcphee

J Grainger

M Young

D Dancy

L Lenoir

S Brown

L Lenoir

A Dancy

D Harris

L Perry

J Dudley

G Goodwin

L Goodwin

A Bingham

J Sims

V Finney

K Dancy

T Dancy

C Dancy

Doris B

Joy C

Calvin W

Michael R

Jean S

Henry R

Keith J

Maria J

David & Donna C

Deacon Clarence G

Sgt Andrew L in Germany

Mother Bertha S (JMBC)

Mother Mattie V

Mother Annie H

Mother Sarah D

Mother Florence S

Lisa and Flodia E

Jerry serving in Afghanistan

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